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Eugene Belilovsky

PhD Student in Machine Learning

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Eugene Belilovsky

I am a third year PhD student at the Center for Visual Computing at Ecole Centrale Paris and also a member of the INRIA Galen team. I am doing a joint PhD at KU Leuven VISICS lab. I am supervised by Matthew Blaschko.

Some of my other great co-authors are Gael Varoquaux, Andreas Argyriou, Arthur Gretton, Wacha Bounliphone, and Kyle Kastner

My primary research interests are in Machine Learning, Graphical Models, Statistics in High Dimensions and Neural Networks. On the application side I work/have worked on Neuro-imaging, Computer Vision, Biometrics, and Speech Recognition.


  • I have received a NIPS travel award
  • One paper accepted for presentation at NIPS 2016
  • I have received the University Paris Saclay Best Contribution Award (2nd place)
  • I have received a MITACS-INRIA Globalink award
  • Two new working papers on graphical model structure discovery here and here
  • Received an ICLR student award
  • Our paper on model selection in deep generative models was accepted at ICLR 2016. link