I am leading a research group currently focused on the following themes
1) Large scale distributed & privacy preserving deep learning - including topic such as decentralized learning and federated learning
2) Distribution shifts - including topics such as continual learning and domain adaptation
3) Applications - particularly in healthcare and 3D vision

Our group members:

PhD Students
Reza Davari
Abhinav Moudgil
Albert Orozco Camacho (co-supervised with Guy Wolf)
Adel Nabli(co-supervised with Edouard Oyallon)
Gwen Legate
Benjamin Therien (co-supervised with Irina Rish)
Vaibhav Singh

Msc Students
Paul Janson
Paria Mehrbod (co-supervised with Guy Wolf)
Alexander Fulleringer
Nicolas Bernier
Charles-Etienne Joseph
Humza Wajid Hameed

Geraldin Nanfack

Nader Asadi Msc 2023 (Now ML Researcher at Huawei)
Nasir Khalid Msc 2023 (now ML Researcher at Haven Studios)
Amir Sarfi Msc 2023 (now researcher at Slyod)
Adeetya Patel Msc 2023 (now RA at Mcgill University)
Medric Sonwa Msc 2023 (now Data scientist at ONMO)
Muawiz ChaudharyMsc 2023
Gwen Legate, Msc 2023 (continued to PhD)
Irene Tenison, Msc 2022 (now PhD student at MIT)
Benjamin Therien, NSERC Undergrad Researcher 2021 (now Msc at University of Waterloo)
Yu Xiang Zhang, NSERC Undergrad Researcher 2022 (now Software Engineer at Amazon)
Boris Knyazev, PhD Intern (now Research Scientist at Samsung Research)

Frequent Collaborators
Lucas Caccia (McGill)
Rahaf Aljundi (Toyota Research)
Boris Knyazev (Samsung Research)
Guy Wolf (UdeM/Mila)
Irina Rish (UdeM/Mila)
Guillaume Lajoie (UdeM/Mila)
Michael Eickenberg (Flatiron Institute)
Edouard Oyallon (CNRS)
Tiberiu Popa (Concordia)
Aaron Courville (UdeM/Mila)

Our group is generously supported by

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